De-clutter too much stuff

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Real Estate

Do you have too much stuff?  Don't we all.  Reminds me of my favorite George Carlin bit about the stuff! 

As Real Estate Agents, this is often the hardest conversation we have to have with a client when listing their home. 

We all have stuff in our homes that we love.  Key word is WE.  When buyers come to look at your home they may not appreciate your stuff the way you do.  And if there is too much stuff, they may not be able to really look at your homes best assets. 

How do I decide what to keep?  You want your house to not looked cluttered.  Put away very personal items.  Keep what you use and what is functional. 

But how do you keep from getting too much stuff in the first place?  We all fall under that trap.  We see something we love and have to have it.  Then we get it home and say, now where am I going to put it?

  • Set a space limit for items and stick to it.  (china goes in the china closet, what fits stays)
  • Rule of Three: One in the wash, one in the cupboard, and one in use. (for example sheets)
  • Be aware of how many of something you actually have. (for example black open toed shoes. We forget what we actually have. Do we really need 14 pairs of black open toe shoes?)
  • Make it a rule. When you buy something new, get rid of something that you never use.

I know easier said than done. Stay on top of it before it becomes an overwhelming problem.


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