Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Even if it is not your first home you are bound to have many questions.  I can help. 

Rest assured, I am here to assist you in understanding the process from finding the right lender and finding the right house, to getting to the settlement table with my goal being to make your experience a pleasant one. 

The first thing you need to do is talk to a lender.  Actually, I recommend you speak to several.  There are many different types of lenders that can offer different rates and programs.  You can't seriously begin looking at houses until you know you can qualify for a mortgage.  The price of the house you are looking at is not determined by how much a month you think you can afford to pay.  Your credit scores and debt to income ratios are some of the determining factors used to qualify you for a mortgage. Your agent can recommend lenders that may work best for your individual needs. 

Once you have established how much house you qualify for, it is time to start your search.  Making of list of must have's and wants is a good way to start.  Shopping for homes has never been easier as the majority of listing are on the internet.  But it is always helpful to have an agent help you search. They know what is actually current, what types financing required for certain types of homes, and what homes will be coming on the market soon.  They can help save you a lot of time and frustration. 

Now that you have found the house you want, you will need an experienced Realtor to prepare your offer and help you with negotiations.  It may be that you are not the only one submitting an offer on a property.  It takes an experienced negotiator to prepare a competitive offer.  Once your offer gets accepted, there are a lot of steps to get to closing.  Your Realtor will guide you through that process and make sure that the proper deadlines are met and all documents are submitted.  This can be a stressful time as a lot of things can go wrong during this part of the process.  If this is your first purchase this can be a very scary time.  The experience your agent brings will minimize that stress.   

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What are Closing Costs?  You’ll likely be responsible for a variety of fees and expenses that you and the seller will have to pay at the time of closing.   

It is not unusual for a buyer to ask for closing help from a seller.  Also there are lender programs available to buyers who offer closing help or lender credits.  While it seems overwhelming, I will help you to make sure you are prepared.  

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There are many types of loans and those loans have specific guidelines for type of home and how it will be used. Below are the most common types of loans used.  

VA - Guaranteed no money down for veterans.  

FHA - Government backed loan that allows 3.5 % down. But will have mortgage insurance. 

FHA 203K - For homes that may need repairs or updating.

Conventional - Typically have a higher down payment, no mortgage insurance.  Can range from 5% to 20%.  

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